Window Setting Blocks - TPE w/ Adhesive Back

Window Setting Blocks - TPE w/ Adhesive Back

  • $ 660

TPE adhesive backed setting blocks.

Available in 100-piece sheets or on a continuous kiss-cut roll (various quantities).



  • Protects the insulated glass unit (IG) from the impact of opening/closing the sash.
  • Provides stress relief as vinyl windows expand and contract with changes in temperature/humidity.
  • Keep glass from cracking and protect the integrity of the glazing bead.


  • Install inside the window sash, between the sash material and IG.
  • Use larger setting blocks (thickness and length/width) with larger glass panes.
  • Distribute weight evenly by placing at least two setting blocks on each of sash edges. 
  • Use setting blocks with the same gauge/thickness on all four sides to promote even weight displacement.

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